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The CHOOZE story began with a toddler named Ayla, who had an innate desire to express her creative spirit through unique wardrobe choices. Ayla loved to mismatch her shoes, a choice that was both creative and a little rebellious. Her mom, Sharon, who was an interior designer and children’s muralist, knew that kids feel happy and confident when they are given the freedom to “choose” their outfits, even if that means they mix and match pieces that look a little “crazy” together!

With a little inspiration and a lot of passion, Sharon set out to create a fun collection of purposely mismatched shoes so that kids can feel empowered to “be different and create a difference.” The CHOOZE brand was born in order to help children grow with independence, confidence and creativity. And with the implementation of the CHOOZE YOUR CAUSE program, kids also have the opportunity to learn how their choices can positively impact others.

Today the CHOOZE collection features assorted styles – mismatched & matched shoes, apparel and accessories – for kids who love to express their creativity, confidence and power to create a difference in the world. Ayla and Sharon now review design decisions together to ensure that the kids for whom we design have a voice in what we produce.

As a mom of three, Sharon understands the importance of comfort and durability in every children’s product. Her commitment to excellent customer service has inspired the entire CHOOZE team to treat every customer as a friend, and to play close attention to comments and feedback. Our goal each day is to provide high quality products that bring a smile to each child who wears CHOOZE, as well as the kids we are able to impact through our social causes.

Thank you for being a part of our story, and for sharing CHOOZE with your friends! It means the world to us.

We love to see photos of your kids in their CHOOZE. Tag us @mychooze so we can be a part of your story.


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